In March of 2016, I started a small collection in the hope to sell my pieces in the marketplace. This small collection made me realized how much I love creating clothes and use imagination as art. The feeling was sensational. 

  That very first collection did not made sells, nor I count it as an official collection, however, it was the starting point of my career as an independent fashion designer and entrepreneur. 

   I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from the International Academy Of Design and Technology at Sanford Brown College Chicago in 2015. In the summer of that same year, I've decided to move to New York City and pursue my career in fashion design. My goal at that moment was to work internships as a technical designer for fashion companies in the garment district. 

   I had so many options and there were so many fashion companies in one single district. As I was looking, the companies I was applying for mostly wanted a designers assistant that would help them sending emails and office administration. It was easy to do for me, however, not as passionate as I would like my career to be. At the same time, I was working full time at the retail store. I was looking my way in the industry, trying to pursue my dream and eventually find my ideal job. 

   By the end of 2015, I've decided to stop looking for internships and consider starting a clothing line. I've been working for private clients as a freelancer and advancing with my clothing line ever since.  

- September 2016: My first fashion show presentation with my collection for Spring/Summer 2017 Paradise to Gobi.

- April 2017: My first photoshoot in NYC with my collection Paradise to Gobi

- May 2018: Photoshoot for my second collection for Summer 2018 African Sunset.

- October 2018, Presented my Spring 2018 collection Secret Garden during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France. 

- August 2018: Getting published in Tatler UK magazine for the August issue of the same year. 

- November 2018: Illustrated drawing of my Fall/Winter collection 2018 Stranger Deep. 

- May 2019, Photoshoot for the Spring/Summer 2020. 


- August 2019, Presenting my collection at a fashion show in NYC.

- September 2019, Getting published in British Vogue for the September issue of the same year. 

- December 2019, Getting published in British Vogue for the December issue of the same year. 

   I am amazed and lucky to have progressed in my entrepreneurship endeavors and have exposure success in less than 5 years. My goal is to sell this clothing line in boutiques and have it worn by celebrities and public figures, help many other fashion professionals achieve success through my clothing line and be an innovative change in the fashion world. 


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